Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creative engagement ring box

These are the preliminary designs for the intricate ring box.

Using the designs and his woodworking skills, he shaped and cut the box himself.

He then had to use a special saw to cut out the gears which would rotate to reveal the ring inside of the box.

In order for the gears to rotate, he designed a special key that his girlfriend would turn to reveal the engagement ring inside of the box.

Different parts of the box were cut, sanded, and stained to give them a well-worn look. He then installed the intricate machinery inside of the box.

Here's how it works: You open the box to see these multiple compartments with the special key sitting in plain sight.

Removing the compartments section, the gears and machinery are revealed on the level below. This is the keyhole, made so that only the special key can turn the gears.

Once the key is turned, all of the machinery starts to move so that the ring box slowly opens.

To present a beautiful engagement ring!

This is such a unique and romantic idea.

Plus, she can keep the box for her jewelry!

And good news: She said yes (obviously)!

Monday, December 29, 2014

వేస్ట్ మెటీరియల్ తో ఇళ్ళు లేని వారికి కడుతున్న ఇళ్ళు

Here are four new houses Kloehn made this past summer.

This house has a tiny deck and a grill attached for cooking.

This house is equipped with solar panels. The shopping cart bike provides the homeless with a method of transportation and storage.

This bike has a tiny stove attached to the front, a fire extinguisher for safety, and storage for food in the back.

Not only does this tandem bike have a grill, there's also a water reservoir and a working hose.

Here's another water-equipped bicycle.

Kloehn turned this dumpster into a functioning living space.

Kloehn also builds homes out of shipping containers.

The inside of the house features a couch...

...that folds out into a bed.

There's plenty of storage space inside, including room for musical instruments.

Here's the bathroom in the container house.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

ఎంత టిప్ ఇవ్వాలి ?

1.) Flower Delivery

When having flowers delivered, it's always nice to tip the delivery person $5. You're already happy because of the flowers, so spread the joy.

2.) Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists are highly skilled individuals as precision is 100x more important given the permanent nature of tattoos. As a thanks, tip your tattoo artist 10-20% of the total cost of your tattoo.

3.) Dog Groomer

Dogs look so adorable when they come back from the groomer, and usually they're very happy to be clean. Say thanks by tipping your dog groomer 15% of the cost of the session.

4.) Electrician/Plumber

Tipping plumbers or electricians isn't customary as they typically work on a contracted and agreed upon price. They also don't rely on commission. If, however, your plumber or electrician completes an extra difficult job and does it in an excellent manner, you can and should give them a couple extra bucks.

5.) Barber/Hair Dresser

Much like you don't want to mess with the people who serve your food at restaurants, you definitely want to tip your barber or hair dresser well if you plan on getting your hair cut (well) by them again. Between 10-20% of the cost of the haircut will suffice as a tip.

6.) Bartenders

For a good bartender, you want to tip $1-$2 per drink, or 15-20% of the final bill. You never know, you could end up with a free drink or two along the way!

7.) Hotel Housekeeping

For those hardworking men and women that make sure your hotel is fresh and clean every time you return, you should tip at least $2-$3 per night.

8.) Movers

While it depends on the amount and weight of the stuff they moved, but don't let your team of movers head out without giving them at least a $20 tip for their hard work. More if they didn't break anything.

9.) Taxi/Limo Driver

Being a taxi or limo driver is no easy job - it takes a lot of memory and driving skills. You should definitely tip your driver for getting you where you're going on time. The recommended tip is 15-20% of the total cab fare.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

పడవ ఇల్లు

It's a tiny houseboat. The structure was built with minimalist principles to make the best use out of space.

One of the benefits of the boat's size is that you can anchor it almost anywhere! Take off for a weekend or just cruise around the lake for an afternoon.

It's actually a lot roomier on the inside than you'd think. With this set up, there's enough space for several people to sit comfortably.

The seating area can also be converted into a bedroom. I can just imagine falling asleep to the sound of the waves against the boat.

The steering column is an old-fashioned wooden wheel with spokes that hearken back to the days of tall ships.

The inside is surrounded by windows so everyone is guaranteed a good view.

It wouldn't be a houseboat without a space for the most important time of the day - mealtime! In addition to a seating area and a bedroom, the cabin can also be converted into a dining room.

You can dock this little guy anywhere, including a sandbar for an afternoon picnic.

Friday, December 26, 2014

మనం ఉపయోగిస్తున్న ఉత్పత్తులన్నీ ఎలా వస్తున్నాయి ???

1.) Coffee

There are 13 countries where coffee beans are harvested using slave and/or child labor. Are you awake now?

2.) Chocolate

For you, chocolate might make you think of fond childhood memories. For many others, chocolate will bring back haunting memories of working all day and night, trying to carry giant bags of cacao seeds.

3.) Clothing

If you ever wondered how a piece of clothing could be so inexpensive, it's probably because they didn't pay the people who made it.

4.) Electronics

Many electronics factories have prison-like conditions, but the people who work there didn't do anything wrong to get there.

5.) Counterfeit Handbags

If they're willing to lie about their product and steal from the brands they copy, just think about what they'll do to people who don't have teams of lawyers to help them out.

6.) Rubber

Countries like Liberia, where rubber is sold at a low price, may offer a bargain. However, they do not have much by the way of regulations to ensure the working person's safety.

7.) Diamonds

No, it's not just cheap things that support slave labor.

8.) Shrimp

The shrimp industry is actually one of the biggest supporters of slave labor.

9.) Carpet

Carpets are produced in five countries that use slave and/or child labor.

10.) Palm Oil

While you may not know what palm oil is, it can be found in many of the cosmetics that you use.

11.) Cannabis

You may not be able to buy it in a store, but those who do purchase cannabis are often unwittingly supporting slave labor.