Tuesday, June 24, 2014

మధుమేహం, గుండె నొప్పి ని నివారించడానికి ముద్రలు

Mudra for Diabetes :


Apana Mudra  – ‘Apana’ in Sanskrit is ‘force’ which is quite similar to ‘prana’. This Mudra is powerful to combat chronic problems of diabetes, urinary obstruction, piles, constipation and kidney issues. It helps expel waste matter and toxins from your body easily. Additionally, it infuses confidence and energy inside you. 

Mudra for preventing Heart Attack :


Apana Vayu Mudra  – This Mudra is combination of ‘apana’ and ‘vayu’ mudra. It is an extremely effective Mudra for your heart, even when you are having a heart attack. It is as effective as ‘sorbitrate’ tablet that is used by a heart patient in case of chest pain and breathlessness. This mudra balances all the five elements of nature present in your body and purifies your blood. Regular practice of this mudra for over ½ hour daily, thrice a day, for long periods, can cure angina, regulate high blood pressure, weak pulse and palpitation. It is also effective in relieving acidity, gas and other digestive issues. 

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