Saturday, September 6, 2014

బ్రేక్ ఫాస్ట్ తో బొమ్మలు

"Dino-mite Breakfast" - (bread, cheese, bell pepper, olive, spring onion)

"The Searious Sea Crab" - (watermelon, apple, dried blueberry, kiwi, almond flour)

"The Scalloping Seahorse" - (pineapple, yogurt, dried blueberry, kiwi, almond flour)

"King of the Sand Castle" - (yogurt, biscuit, strawberry)

"Happy Breakfast" - (pancakes, Nutella, jam, yogurt, peach, dried blueberry)

"Sandwich-o-saurus" - (bread, peanut butter, banana, kiwi)

"Seas the Day, Go and Play" - (bread, cream cheese, bell pepper, strawberries, apple, clementine, dried blueberry)

"The Tyrannosaurus Wrecks It All" - (bread, pesto, cucumber, basil, carrots, grapes, cucumber)

"Toadily Hoppy Breakfast" - (apple, pancakes, raisins, yogurt)

"Cold Breakfast" - (bread, cheese, olives, carrots)

"Funny Tasting Clown" - (pancake, yogurt, jam, raspberries, clementine, blueberries)

"The Egging Cat" - (bread, hard-boiled egg, cream cheese, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cucumber)

"Sandwich Castle" - (bread, cream cheese, gherkins, carrots, crisp bread, carrots, celery)

"Amedeo" - (toast, watermelon, hazelnut butter, plum, mango, cheese, apricot jam, Nutella, cranberry, coconut)

"American Gothic "American Gothic" - (toast, ricotta, prunes, dates, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sugar peas, kiwi)

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