Tuesday, September 23, 2014

పిల్లల కోసం కొన్ని జాగ్రత్తలు

1.) This shower cap keeps little eyes safe from shampoo.

(The baby doesn't look happy about it, though.)

2.) Coughing baby remedy. Does this work on adults, too?

3.) A perfect solution for twins! Just make sure you remember who's A and who's B.

4.) Soften up your fellow passengers. Come prepared. Yes, the other passengers deserve this courtesy.

5.) Have your kids start helping with the chores early.

Child labor laws permitting.

6.) Use zip ties to attach baby gates to stairs and doors. No damage when you remove them!

7.) For the in-between stage of potty training, maxi-pads can catch minor accidents.

8.) Convert a crib into a desk when they outgrow it by removing just one railing.

9.) The noodle provides a little barrier for kids who are prone to rolling out of bed.

10.) Laundry baskets in the tub keep toys close at hand.

11.) Temporary tattoos can help in crowded situations.

12.) Baking soda is good for pretty much everything! You can also apply a baking soda-and-water mixture to clean up vomit.

13.) Apply a paste of baking soda and water to a splinter. After a few minutes, the splinter will be easy to remove.

14.) Cupcake papers catch popsicle drips.

15.) Old plastic bottles can be converted into spouts to make it easier for kids to reach the sink.

16.) A cut pool noodle can prevent doors from slamming--and catching little hands.

17.) A sturdy table and a table cloth can also make a kid hammock.

18.) A little glitter on money is a nice "tooth fairy" touch.

19.) A shoe rack can store activities for road trips.

20.) A tissue helps kids to hold a pencil properly.

21.) A DVD case can be packed with pencils and paper for a traveling art kit

22.) Rubber bands keep apple slices together, and prevent them from getting rusty.

23.) Eating around strawberry stems can be tricky.

24.) A little motivation goes a long way.

25.) Never too much motivation.

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