Monday, September 8, 2014

పుస్తకాలతో చేసిన ఫర్నిచర్

1.) Headboard decorated with old pages from your favorite book. Priceless.

2.) Comic book lovers, eat your heart out.

3.) I doubt the Hardy Boys can unravel the mystery of this floating bookshelf.

4.) Welcome to my Thinking Chair.

5.) Who needs a dictionary. Just sit up!

6.) Sitting on knowledge...

7.) That's one way to do a headboard...

8.) A photo holder really does say a 1000 words.

9.) A side table of books, to rest your current read!

10.) Don't throw out the funny pages. Just put'em here!

11.) Books and film cartridges make a great potential lamp for any movie decoration.

12.) Yes, this IS a bookshelf bookshelf...

13.) The Fantastic Four were revived with this decorative piece.

14.) A reception desk a book lover NEEDS to have.

15.) A reader's bedside lamp, re-imagined.

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