Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Creative pan cakes

1.) I would wolf this one down.

2.) He gets so detailed!

3.) Wow. This one is awesome (and that's not a stretch).

4.) He's king of the pancakes.

5.) An elephant would never forget this pancake.

6.) You gotta eat this one quick.

7.) Awww!

8.) ... a 3D pancake. What!

9.) This is so pretty it makes me a little angry.

10.) Someone got a little lazy here.

11.) What an adorable breakfast.

12.) Mmm, rage pancakes.

13.) Whale, whale, whale... it's a whale pancake!

14.) Slothcake.

15.) How is this even a thing people can do?

16.) Oh... my... YES!

17.) Awww...

18.) This dad is a GENIUS.

19.) Okay, now this is just getting ridiculously awesome.

20.) I couldn't eat this.

21.) That would be my reaction, too, kid.

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