Friday, October 17, 2014

కాఫీ కప్పుల మీద ఆర్ట్

1.) True Starbucks love.

2.) Dragon Ball Z meets Starbucks.

3.) What? Maybe we should look closer.

4.) "Stop being such a peeping tom!"

5.) It's raining in Starbucks land.

6.) Behind bars, and freedom.

7.) Thomas The Tank Engine runs on Starbucks coffee.

8.) Abbey Road Starbucks crew.

9.) Making her escape.

10.) Looking out her bedroom window.

11.) Dreaming of freedom from work.

12.) Twitter and Facebook Starbucks.

13.) Getting ready for a trip.

14.) Very festive.

15.) Pizza Hut-Bucks.

16.) How a Starbucks coffee cup grows up.

17.) Going to get something from refrigerator.

18.) For some of his creations, Kim cuts out pieces of the cup for a more intricate design.

19.) KFC meets Starbucks.

20.) This is how the Starbucks maiden keeps cool in the summer.

21.) Coffee holds the weight of our world on its shoulders.

22.) Lego-Bux.

23.) Gangnam Style.

24.) "Good morning world! Would you like some coffee?"

25.) Lazy Starbucks.

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