Monday, October 13, 2014

Creative carry bags

1.) Just riding in my Volkswagen.

2.) Looks like this guy has quite a bad headache.

3.) I'm not sure you need that big of a bag just for headphones.

4.) Things are about to get weird.

5.) I wonder if this bag is actually full of paperclips.

6.) This one made me LOL.

7.) This one looks pretty heavy.

8.) Shocking, but it gets the message across.

9.) Looks like a very sturdy bag.

11.) That dog's ears are huge.

12.) Dawww. This one is so cute.

13.) These bags looks so happy.

14.) Ouchies.

16.) X-Rayed bag.

17.) This bag promotes good digestion.

18.) You should never actually hold your appliances by the cord.

19.) Gotta remember to tie your shoe laces.

20.) Cute little humming bird.

21.) Hold on tight.

23.) Oh yeah, I like what I'm seeing.

24.) Excellent product placement.

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