Monday, October 27, 2014

Creative visiting cards

1.) Namasté

2.) Make sure they know you mean business.

3.) If this card actually played a little tune, that would be so dope.

4.) This swiss army card isn't useful.

5.) Play a tune with your business card, because this one doubles as an instrument.

6.) Do some gnarly tricks with your business card.

7.) Fix things with your business card.

8.) I made you a mixtape!

9.) Annoy people with your crazily complicated business card.

10.) This is just cheesy.

11.) Come sail away with your clients.

12.) This has to be expensive, but also SO worth it.

13.) Grow with your business card.

14.) Your business card could also double as a fashionable patch.

15.) Make your business card pop!

16.) Put some tasty treats in your business card.

17.) Your business card should be comforting.

18.) This truly is an mechanical engineer's card.

19.) Another useful business card for you.

20.) Smile!

21.) Plumbers have to separate themselves from the rest of the pack somehow.

22.) This "card" is filled with lavender in case your business needed a signature scent.

23.) This card doubles as a lock pick. Just don't give it to robbers.

24.) Entice your clients with this tasty beef jerky card that stays fresh for a year.

25.) A ring measuring business card.

26.) The stand up business card!

27.) For the couch potato in all of us.

28.) This card is for just in case you needed to pack something tiny into it.

29.) Do you even lift, bro? Oh, you do? Then you should be able to rip apart my personal trainer business card.

30.) Not exactly sure what this card is for, but it's pretty rad regardless.

31.) I imagine they used an exacto knife on each of these.

32.) Just in case you wanted to appear like a baller.

33.) A business card that your kids will appreciate.

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