Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage inventions

1.) Record players in cars seems like a pretty cool idea - they definitely would've had to do something to keep the needle from scratching up the vinyl if the car went over a bump in the road.

2.) This is a submarine designed in the 19th century - obviously all the bugs hadn't been worked out. I mean, the propeller is in the middle of the the submarine. What gives?

3.) Even back in the day people were looking for more convenient and portable ways to carry around books. Here we see one such invention that uses a magnifying glass to allow its uses to read very small text.

4.) This is a kind of precursor to Skype and other video chat forms - the beginning of people being able to see you when you roll your eyes at their boring stories.

5.) This invention was a way for newspapers to attempt to compete with radio. Seems like a precursor to how most of us receive our news everyday.

6.) A wrist-map? This is an awesome idea, but the amount of lil' maps you have to carry around is a little inconvenient.

7.) Let's thank this magazine cover for inspiring a whole lot of video games that incorporate inventive controllers to make more interactive games. Thanks magazine cover!

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