Monday, December 22, 2014

3 - D ప్రింటర్ తో ప్రింట్ చేసిన వస్తువులు

1.) Fetuses

A Japanese company will print a 3D model of your fetus after an ultrasound for 100,000 yen, which is a little over $840 in American currency. Because, why not?

2.) Guns

Watch this 3-D printed gun in action here.

3.) Meat

One U.S. start-up, Modern Meadow, has created a 3-D printed meat prototype. Though it's not yet suitable for human consumption, it does look like the real deal.

4.) Skin Grafts

After a bio-printer scans a patient's wound, new skin can be printed directly onto the injury. A portable model, that can be brought to war and disaster zones, is in the works.

5.) Bicycles

This 3-D printed trail bike is made of titanium and is fully customizable.

6.) Houses

While not actually possible yet, there are multiple plans in the works to 3-D print houses, including this Dutch architect's Landscape House.

7.) Cars

The first 3-D printed car is called the "Urbee" and gets up to 200 miles per gallon of gas.

8.) Camera Lenses

Lenses can cost thousands of dollars. 3-D printing could make camera lenses much more affordable.

9.) Ears

These printed ears are made from cow cartilage cells and collagen from rat tails. The ears have to be incubated for three months before they can be transplanted onto a human.

10.) Bartending Machines

Look out, bartenders. This 3-D printed machine can mix up any drink you want. I'll take a cosmo, please.

11.) Custom-Fit Clothing

3-D printers can make custom-fit clothing using your body's data. The printing process also leaves behind little-to-no waste, and could be an eco-friendly way to manufacture outfits very soon.

12.) Medical Models

3-D printed medical models could eliminate the use and need for cadavers in medical schools.

13.) Flutes

This printed flute is called a shakuhachi, a traditional Chinese flute dating back to the8th century. This model was printed with bronze.

14.) Shoes

These shoes were printed by fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen as a part of theFuture of Fashion exhibition in Amsterdam.

15.) Educational products

Maps and models for educational use can be made with 3-D printers, potentially making educational resources more affordable and accessible.

16.) Guitars

With 3-D printing, musicians can make replicas of their favorite guitarist's instruments.

18.) Pizza

This pizza-making printer was a project funded by NASA. Watch the pizza being printed here.

20.) 3-D Printers

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