Monday, December 15, 2014

పుట్టబోయే బేబీ కి ఒక తండ్రి ఇచ్చిన బహుమతి

While his wife (below) was still pregnant, the soon-to-be dad decided he was going to create a mural for their son.

Using a digital sketch program, the father began work on a massive mural that would serve as a catalyst for his son's imagination.

Tracing and transferring the mural to the wall of the nursery was no easy task.

From the beginning, the soon-to-be dad wanted to make sure he got all of the details just right.

The mural as it comes together.

Every knight needs a trusty steed...but, what else is he missing?

The dragon!

But don't worry. As far as dragons go, this one looks pretty friendly.

Here are some of the little, but remarkable details that really bring the mural to life.

The man behind the mural - proud, dad-to-be with his future son's gift.

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