Saturday, December 27, 2014

పడవ ఇల్లు

It's a tiny houseboat. The structure was built with minimalist principles to make the best use out of space.

One of the benefits of the boat's size is that you can anchor it almost anywhere! Take off for a weekend or just cruise around the lake for an afternoon.

It's actually a lot roomier on the inside than you'd think. With this set up, there's enough space for several people to sit comfortably.

The seating area can also be converted into a bedroom. I can just imagine falling asleep to the sound of the waves against the boat.

The steering column is an old-fashioned wooden wheel with spokes that hearken back to the days of tall ships.

The inside is surrounded by windows so everyone is guaranteed a good view.

It wouldn't be a houseboat without a space for the most important time of the day - mealtime! In addition to a seating area and a bedroom, the cabin can also be converted into a dining room.

You can dock this little guy anywhere, including a sandbar for an afternoon picnic.

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