Monday, December 29, 2014

వేస్ట్ మెటీరియల్ తో ఇళ్ళు లేని వారికి కడుతున్న ఇళ్ళు

Here are four new houses Kloehn made this past summer.

This house has a tiny deck and a grill attached for cooking.

This house is equipped with solar panels. The shopping cart bike provides the homeless with a method of transportation and storage.

This bike has a tiny stove attached to the front, a fire extinguisher for safety, and storage for food in the back.

Not only does this tandem bike have a grill, there's also a water reservoir and a working hose.

Here's another water-equipped bicycle.

Kloehn turned this dumpster into a functioning living space.

Kloehn also builds homes out of shipping containers.

The inside of the house features a couch...

...that folds out into a bed.

There's plenty of storage space inside, including room for musical instruments.

Here's the bathroom in the container house.

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