Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creative engagement ring box

These are the preliminary designs for the intricate ring box.

Using the designs and his woodworking skills, he shaped and cut the box himself.

He then had to use a special saw to cut out the gears which would rotate to reveal the ring inside of the box.

In order for the gears to rotate, he designed a special key that his girlfriend would turn to reveal the engagement ring inside of the box.

Different parts of the box were cut, sanded, and stained to give them a well-worn look. He then installed the intricate machinery inside of the box.

Here's how it works: You open the box to see these multiple compartments with the special key sitting in plain sight.

Removing the compartments section, the gears and machinery are revealed on the level below. This is the keyhole, made so that only the special key can turn the gears.

Once the key is turned, all of the machinery starts to move so that the ring box slowly opens.

To present a beautiful engagement ring!

This is such a unique and romantic idea.

Plus, she can keep the box for her jewelry!

And good news: She said yes (obviously)!