Sunday, January 11, 2015

విచిత్రమైన మెట్లు

1. Staircase at Lello Bookshop Portugal

2. Stairs to the sea, Spain

3. Mountain in Belgium Buren Buren Mountain

4. Haiku Stairs in Hawaii

5. Bridge over Traversinertobel

6. Chand Baori Well, India

7. Universe Cascade Scotland

8. Stairs Santorini in Greece

9. Stairs Awaji in Japan

10. Tiger Turtle Stairs Germany
11. Potemkin Stairs in Odessa - Potemkin Stairs

12. Steel Sculpture Art Germany

13. Miraculous Staircase of USA

14. Moses Bridge Netherlands

15. Spiral Staircase China

16. Stairs in Austria Schlossberg

17. The 16th Avenue Steps, San Francisco

18. Steps in Canyon

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