Tuesday, January 13, 2015

మంచు తో చేసిన శిల్పాలు

1.) A gigantic grasshopper

2.) An ice colosseum

3.) A colorful ice snail

4.) A warrior in battle

5.) An ice maiden

6.) A dog sled descending a hill

7.) A mama bear and cub

8.) A huge and highly detailed bird

9.) An abstract piece of ice art

10.) The Great Wall of Ice

11.) Russian landmarks

12.) A woman removing her mask

13.) A puffed up blowfish

14.) A gorgeous eagle

15.) Surfin' on ice

16.) Sea turtles

17.) A chess board

18.) A gorgeous geisha

19.) A baby fox riding on its mom's back

20.) Chinese-inspired ice architecture

21.) A humpback whale

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