Monday, January 26, 2015

కూతురి కోసం ఒక తండ్రి తయారు చేసిన యువరాణి బెడ్

The main frame of the bed and the details were made out of maple plywood.

First he built the decorative front of the castle.

The towers aren't just there for the look; they serve as shelves to hold books and toys.

They would also hold the mattress up.

Here, you can see him connecting the towers to the face of the castle.

Then he started building the sides.

Here's the entirely assembled frame.

Here, you can see the slats for the mattress.

Before adding the paint, he sanded it down.

To paint, he took the frame apart.

The finished frame featured pretty pink details.

When it was finished, it was the coolest kid's bed ever.

The inside features a toy storage area.

The ladder provides easy access to the mattress.

The kids promptly kicked Dad out once they were allowed to play on it.

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