Saturday, February 21, 2015

ఒక తండ్రి తన కొడుకు బెడ్ రూమ్ ని ఎలా తయారు చేసాడో చూడండి ????

Kian's dad started planning for the pirate bedroom before he was even born. He began by collecting ship-worthy accessories at garage sales and on Craigslist.

When he was just a baby, Kian had a pirate themed nursery. He needed an upgrade when he grew out of his crib, though.

Kian's dad acquired an old wine barrel and turned it into a cabinet and end table for the room.

The barrel serves as a stand for this awesome pirate themed fish tank.

He used stain, spray paint, and other materials to make various decorations look old and worn. To make this painting look rustic, he used a towel and some black paint.

Using very thin plywood, he covered the walls with faux ship planks.

Here they are after being stained.

These light fixtures came from an old restaurant.

A fake electric fireplace becomes old-timey with a coat of black paint and some wooden embellishments.

This Craigslist find was a perfect treasure chest.

When Kian was old enough to sleep in a bed and not a crib, his dad began building a bed frame.

The bed is on the bottom level of the loft, while a cool fort sits on top.

The finished product is awesome. I'm totally jealous.

Here's what the inside of the fort looks like.

Even Kian's stuffed animals have a place to relax in the room.

Kian can get cozy next to the fire place at night.

This guy definitely deserves a "Dad of the Year" award.

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