Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creative designs

1. If you think carpal tunnel is worth having a weird looking chandelier, give this one a shot.

2. I know people like recycling jeans and everything, but what sane person would even wear these?

3. While I admire the effort, this is still one ugly couch.

4. A Waste of Books, Exhibit A: That's so nifty that you destroyed a perfectly good book so you could make a music box...

5. A Waste of Books, Exhibit B: Sure, waste a perfectly good book on plants. Good luck watering it. They probably didn't think that far ahead.

6. A Waste of Books, Exhibit C: As if cutting up books and making them unreadable wasn't enough, now we're using them to make our chairs look trendy. Not comfortable, just trendy.

7. Dude, just buy a lamp.

8. So...we're giving young children glass jars now? Great.

9. You're not impressing anyone with this DIY wood pallet pathway.

10. Think tying a bow tie is hard? Well, good news! Now you can experience a whole new level of bow tying hell with origami bow ties!

11. Talk about the ideal finishing touch to a Canadian tuxedo.

12. With a little DIY creativity, this car looks JUST like new.

13. That's it, ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes, instead of buying a cheap pair of flip flops. They look so much better this way.

14. Because what kid doesn't want to wake up with splinters all over their body?!

15. Another case of carpal tunnel, this time in the name of...fashion?

16. There's NO WAY this is structurally sound...

17. This is a dress made out of packing tape. Need I say more?

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