Tuesday, March 10, 2015

కలర్ టేప్ తో ఎన్ని చేయొచ్చో చూడండి

1. Make a plain, white wall pop.

2. Frame your photos in a new way.

3. Make drinking glasses more exciting.

4. Keep your cords from getting tangled.

5. Give a boring room a little flair.

6. Show off your style while you work.

7. Make looking at the clock a lot more interesting.

8. Turn a regular light switch into a trendy one.

9. Introduce a little geometric randomness.

10. Make a bold entrance.

11. Celebrate the holidays.

12. Make a kid's room magical.

13. Try making your keyboard more your type.

14. Make a door more welcoming.

15. Take your sitting game up a notch.

16. Step up your staircase's style.

17. Make a minimalist design.

18. Give your flower vases a quirky look.

19. Make your fan fun.

20. Bring the outdoors in.

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