Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ఖాళి గాజు బాటిల్ తో ఏమి చేయొచ్చు ?????

1. Make a mini garden.

2. Create cheese spreaders.

These will make your wine and cheese nights more nifty.

3. Make hanging pendant lights.

4. Do an etching for a fun dish soap dispenser.

Find the how-to here.

5. Create cool cork key chains.

6. Frame your photos with rhinestones.
Get the how-to here.

7. Light up the night with some wine bottle tiki torches.

Practical and useful!

8. Use wine corks as mini succulent planters.

They're so easy to create!

9. Decorate a wall with a wine cork chalkboard.

10. Ensure everyone's in the right seat with place card holders.

11. Make wine bottle wind chimes.

12. Give your old bottles a rustic look by wrapping them in yarn.
Find the how-to here.

13. Keep those birds coming back for more with wine bottle bird feeder.

Find out how to make it here.

14. Step out of the shower in style with this cork bath mat.

Make it with this how-to.

15. Liven up a room with ombre wine bottles.

See the step-by-step here

16. Show your festive spirit by making a cork wreath.

Learn how to make it here.

17. Give your home a modern look with metallic bottles.

Discover this easy DIY here.

18. Cut a bottle and create a piece of jewelry.

19. Adorn a room with epsom salt-covered bottles.

Get the how-to here.

20. Or, go for glittered bottles.

Dazzle your friends with this easy DIY.

21. Set the mood with these wine bottle accent lights.

Find out how to make these here.

22. Send a message by adding chalkboard paint to a wine bottle.

Check out the easy instructions here.

23. Light up a space with handmade wine bottle candles.

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