Thursday, March 19, 2015

నూతన ఆవిష్కరణలు

1. Solar-Powered Water Distiller
This fantastic contraption can turn dirty, or even salt water, into clean, drinkable water without using any power or electricity and can mostly be made from simple accessible materials. People in impoverished areas can pour the dirty water into it in the morning, and by evening – they will have clean water to drink.

2. No-Computer Photo Scanner
Paper photos can’t last forever – paper degrades and colors fade. The best way to preserve photos today is digitally, but what can you do with your old photos, especially if you’re not computer savvy? This easy scanner will scan your old photos for you and store them on a memory card you can then take and use anywhere.

3. The Universal Unsubscribing App
If you keep getting spam emails you just can't seem to get rid of, PaperKarma is an app that lets you take a photo of spam you get by mail, and they will contact the advertisers and unsubscribe you from their mailing list.

4. 360° Power Socket
This brilliant redesign of the conventional power socket lets you hook up several plugs into a single regular sized socket.

5. Magnetic Power Switch
How did no one think of this before? Use your power switch as a key-holder without dangerous hooks and keep your keys where you’ll always find them.

6. Safe Driving App
Driving safely is its own reward, but with SafeDrive – it also gets you exclusive deals in some of your favorite shops. By driving without using your phone, you accumulate points, which can then be converted to huge discounts on products you love. 

7. Tiny Wireless Earphones
Wireless earphones have been around for a while now, but these tiny ear-buds take the cake. The manufacturer claims that they’re both very powerful, and can work for a very long time between each charge.

9. Solar Plant-Health Sensor
This solar-powered sensor checks the levels of nutrients in the ground, humidity and water, and then synchronizes with your smartphone, letting you know what your herbs, flowers, and other plants need.

10. Digital Measuring Cup
This great measuring cup also has a built-in digital scale, and even a thermometer. Simple, but brilliant.

11. Posture-Improving Clothes
The Intelliskin shirt not only helps improve your posture, it also cools you down, evaporates sweat, eliminates body odors and provides 50SPF protection, amongst other things.

12. Aerodynamic Umbrella
This umbrella can withstand winds of up to 100 km/h (or 60 mph), keeping you dry and not buckling under strong winds. I’m definitely getting one.
13. Solar-Charging Backpack
If you carry a backpack, why not let it charge your mobile devices for you? The Samsonite Solar Business Laptop Backpack will charge your phone, laptop and basically anything that requires electricity with the power of the sun.

14. No Blind Spot Mirror
Similar to the one the police uses, this mirror provides you with 180° rear view, when standard car mirrors only offer 52° view.

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