Monday, March 2, 2015

Old inventions - must see

1. An electronic map for your car

The map would actually adjust according to the speed of your car.

2. A portable, collapsible bridge

As you can see, this thing could hold a ton of weight.

3. An interesting early form of the hair dryer

I'm not sure I'd want to put my head in that thing.

4. A contraption that helped teach your child to walk.

This thing is an accident waiting to happen.

5. A family bicycle

Let's put this in the "more dangerous than fun" category.

6. A fax machine for newspaper

The pre-Internet form of instant news.

7. A radio hat

Seems like a rather delicate contraption to wear on your head. Plus, it totally limits your ability to give a hat tip.

8. A stretch RV

Who were they trying to house and transport - a whole school district?

9. A gun equipped with a camera that takes images just before the trigger is pulled

Smile! You're on morbid camera.

10. A bicycle for both land and water

There is NO way this would get you anywhere in the water...

11. A rain-friendly cigarette holder

Are soggy cigarettes really that big of a problem?

12. A double cigarette holder

So nice, let's try it twice!

13. Single-wheeled motorcycle

"Let's make motorcycles even more dangerous!" said the inventors.

14. A vehicle for any terrain

This should definitely be in the backyard of every American.

15. Life preservers made of bicycle tires

These things look like they were nothing if not uncomfortable.

16. A piano for the bedridden

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