Sunday, June 21, 2015

కొండపల్లి రధం (గీతోపదేశం )

Kodapally Radham (Geethopadesham)
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The components of the chariot and comparable counterparts of the human body are as follows :
- Human body is the chariot
- Individual self is the owner of the chariot
- Intelligence (Buddhi) is the charioteer
- Mind is the reins
- The five senses are the horses
- In the last stanza of Gita, Sanjaya concludes: “Where there is Krishna, yoga’s lord and Arjuna, the archer wielding the bow, there will be wealth, victory, prosperity, and justice.” Arjuna’s success is not possible in the absence of Krishna. Overcome by grief, he would have retired from the battlefield. With guidance from Krishna, Arjuna performs his duty without attachment and regardless of the outcome.
- Bhagavad geetha as personality development
- Bhagavad geetha as management lessons
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