Sunday, June 21, 2015

Creative work from waste

Spruce up your living room with a decorative <a href="" target="_blank">cardboard tree</a>.

Make a <a href="" target="_blank">fashionable cuff.</a>
Build a lovely <a href="" target="_blank">wreath</a>.
Add a custom <a href="" target="_blank">curtain</a> to any window.
Get inventive this Christmas with some <a href="" target="_blank">DIY Christmas lights</a>.
Pair those DIY lights with a sparkly <a href="" target="_blank">Christmas ornament</a>.
Show some love with a homemade <a href="" target="_blank">heart stamp</a>.
Show off your skills with some simple <a href="" target="_blank">wall art</a>.
Travel the cosmos with some beautiful <a href="" target="_blank">cardboard stars</a>.
Set the table with these <a href="" target="_blank">DIY napkin rings</a>.
Have some Halloween fun with the kids with this goofy <a href="" target="_blank">Frankenstein</a> craft.
Help little ones learn with this simple <a href="" target="_blank">honeycomb</a> project.
Decorate an upcycled <a href="" target="_blank">vase</a>.
Make a <a href="" target="_blank">decorative holder</a> for your favorite Christmas candles.
Be the coolest parent on the block with these adorable <a href="" target="_blank">trick-or-treat boxes</a>.
Make another pretty <a href="" target="_blank">wreath</a>.
Be someone
Keep the kids busy with these cute <a href="" target="_blank">cardboard apples</a>.
Freak out your friends with a <a href="" target="_blank">cardboard snake</a>.
Celebrate St. Patrick

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