Monday, June 15, 2015

Unique gadgets

1. Acrobatic clothespins

Acrobatic clothespins
2. Laboratory organizer
Laboratory organizer
3. Melting clock
Melting clock
4. Moon nightlight
Moon nightlight
5. Owl-shaped tape dispenser
Owl-shaped tape dispenser

6. The cyclist's pizza cutter

The cyclist
7. Egg-separating pig
Egg-separating pig
8. Pirate corkscrew
Pirate corkscrew
9. Robot nutcrackers
Robot nutcrackers
10. Toothpick whale
Toothpick whale
11. Oliver the elephant
Oliver the elephant

12. Rainmaker

13. Nessie ladle
Nessie ladle
14. Narwhal skewers
Narwhal skewers
15. Mousy cheese board
Mousy cheese board
16. Flask bangle
Flask bangle
17. Tree measuring cups
Tree measuring cups
18. Geode coasters
Geode coasters
19. Laboratory shot glasses
Laboratory shot glasses
20. Hedgehog dryer balls
Hedgehog dryer balls
21. Squirrely steeper
Squirrely steeper
22. Panda teapot
Panda teapot
23. Shower squids
Shower squids
24. Tablet-holding cutting board
Tablet-holding cutting board
25. Magnetic hourglass
Magnetic hourglass

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