Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 D Art

Using carefully manipulated perspective and scale shifts, Wenner creates the illusion of objects at different depths -- all created on a flat surface.
He also uses the natural surroundings to make the pieces seem all the more lifelike.
<em>One Million Signatures</em>, created In Brussels, Belgium, for Greenpeace.
<em>The Interrupted Tea Party, </em>Shanghai, China
<em>Times Square Allegory</em>, Times Square, New York City, for <em>Good Morning America</em>
<em>The Moneypit</em>, Waterloo Station, London
<em>Herald Square Celebration</em>, Herald Square, New York City
<em>Door to the Caribbean</em>, New York Stock Exchange, New York City
<em>Smoothie</em>, Boston, MA
<em>Honda Formula 1</em>, Jakarta, Indonesia
<em>Gears of War</em>, E3 Convention, Los Angeles

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