Saturday, July 25, 2015

ప్రయాణాల్లో ఉండాల్సినవి

1. A scooter suitcase for the speedy traveller.

2. This travel pillow has it all. It's full of memory foam and even has a pocket for your phone.

3. Charge your gadgets using solar power with this eco-friendly backpack.

4. This alarm clock doubles as a flashlight in case of emergency.

5. If you're headed overseas, you're going to need this power adapter kit to power your devices abroad.

Helpful hint: these things have their limits, so don't even bother with hairdryers or flatirons...unless you like setting your hair on fire.

6. A good Swiss army knife will help in a pinch.

7. This unique organizer will let you store all of your electronics in one convenient package.

Going through security will never be fun, but this will at least make it less terrible.

8. This amazing kitchen tool has pretty much everything you need to cook on the road.

Just don't try taking this on a plane, okay?

9. Keep your intimates intact with this colorful underwear organizer.

10. Condense your keys into one small hub with this awesome little tool.

11. Store meals in a compact lunch cube.

12. Spice up bland airport food with this travel spice kit.

13. This water-repellent toiletries bag is a Type-A dream.

14. These travel hangers fold in half, so they'll fit perfectly inside your suitcase.

15. Try a travel vest with more pockets than you'll know what to do with. It also protects your passport.

16. This tiny humidifier takes bottles of water and turns them into warm vapor. Perfect for stuffy hotel rooms!

17. Here's a water bottle and a pill organizer, all in one convenient product!

18. These tiny ear plugs are perfect for noisy planes (and even noisier terminals).

19. This stylish sleep mask will help you get through red-eye flights with ease.

It's even raised over the eyes, so it won't irritate delicate skin or mess up mascara!

20. These compression bags will let you store more in the same amount of luggage space.

<a href=";tag=vira0d-20" target="_blank">These compression bags</a> will let you store more in the same amount of luggage space.

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