Friday, July 10, 2015

Top 10 diamond rings

10. Garrard 18-carat Blue Sapphire White Diamond engagement ring.
Price = £250,000.
When Gifted to Kate Middleton by Prince Williams, it was estimated at £28,500 but the value increased right after the announcement. The ring once belonged to Princess Diana.

9 Argyle Jewelers Pink Pear-Cut engagement ring.
Price = $2.5 million. 
Gifted to former tennis player Anna Kournikova by singer Enrique Iglesias.

8. Fred Leighton Vintage diamond engagement ring.
Price = $2.5 million. 
Gifted to actress Catherine Zeta Jones by Actor Michael Douglas, which he brought from Fred Leighton for a quite little Million.

7. Lesotho III diamond engagement ring.
Price = $2.6 million. 
After the killing of John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis in 1968 and received this ring set with a 40.42 carat Lesotho III diamond. After her demise, the ring was later sold for $2.59 million, speculated to an Irish buyer.

6. Graff Emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.
Price = $3 million. 

5. Neil Lane Blue Diamond engagement ring.
Price = $4 million.
This beautiful 8.5 carat diamond, whose value at that time was figured at $4 million, was gifted to Jennifer Lopez by singer & actor Marc Anthony, and designed by super celebrity designer jeweler Neil Lane. 

4. Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond engagement ring.
Price = $4.06 million. 

3. Gold Diamond-Encrusted engagement ring.
Price = $4.7 million. 
Paris Hilton said yes to her now ex-fiancé Paris Latsis (Greek shipping heir and socialite), she received a massive 24-carat white gold engagement ring valued at $4.7 million. The weight of the ring, and the engagement itself, may have been too much for the two Parises as they called it quits soon after. 
Rather than keeping the ring, Hilton auctioned off her celebrity engagement ring to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims after their split.

2. Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring.
Price = $5 million.
Beyonce was gifted this $5M ring by her husband Jay Z. The centerpiece is a clear-diamond set in platinum. 

1.  Asscher -cut Krupp diamond engagement ring.
Price = $8.8 Million.
Elizabeth Taylor, who famously had six engagements, was given this massive 33.19 carat diamond ring by her third husband Richard Burton, and was valued at $8.8 million. It is certified as being a Type IIa diamond. 

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