Sunday, August 2, 2015

ఉప్పు నీళ్ళతో వెలిగే లాంప్

That's right. This lamp actually runs on salt water. Salt water can operate just like a regular battery, but with the added benefit of not being a dangerous or flammable chemical.

If you don't believe that salt water can provide electrical power, watch this video for how to make your own salt water battery. What's happening is that the electrodes in the battery are reacting with the salt ions in seawater and producing a charge.

With a single cup of ocean water, the lamp can stay on for about eight hours. Used for eight hours every day, the battery has a life expectancy of six months, and longer if used less.

The salt water lamp was developed by a trio of engineers who make up Sustainable Alternative Lighting, or SALt, led by Aisa Mijeno. Mijeno came up with the idea for a sustainable and easily rechargeable source of light after spending time with the Butbut tribe and having to rely on kerosene lamps and moonlight to do anything after sunset.

Mijeno wanted to create something that was cheap, easy, and reliable for people in the farther-flung regions of her country. A member of Greenpeace Philippines, she's also very concerned with the environment and moving towards a more sustainable method of living.

The lamp's power can also be used to charge phones.

This is especially important, say Mijeno and her team, because besides having many communities without power, the Philippines is also prone to many natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. The ability to have light and to charge cell phones is crucial during an emergency.

SALt is also donating lamps to families and communities in need around the Philippines.

Many people in the more remote areas of the country do not have access to electricity and lighting, so SALt is working to provide them with lamps. There are some 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines, so this is no small task!

The Hanuno Mangyan tribe is one such community. Currently, they've received 71 out of 100 lamps from SALT.

The Hanuno Mangyan tribe is one such community. Currently, they've received 71 out of 100 lamps from SALt.

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