Thursday, January 1, 2015

కూతురి కోసం తండ్రి చేసిన పెడల్ కారు

This was only the beginning - he acquired the roadster body, and then got to work hooking up the chassis to the frame.

He's got two of the wheels on their axles, but you know what's missing that's really important?

The grill! Of course, he had to make sure the car had a cool grill - this is one of the details that really brings the pedal car to the next level.

Next up was the paint job - the design would be crimson and gold. To start, he applied primer.

Then, a beautiful coat of metallic gold.

Once the gold paint had dried, he began setting up the car for its next layer of paint which would complete the pattern.

The crimson red would complement the gold paint.

Here it is with the full paint job.

He added a faux wood steering wheel to match the classiness of the car's exterior.

Here she is, with the grill, axles, and wheels installed.

I have no doubt that this guy's daughter now has the coolest set of wheels on the block.