Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Creative ideas

1. A sand box for your desk

2. A swing set table

3. A backyard cinema

4. A comfy hammock couch

5. A multi-functional staircase

6. A unique cat tunnel

7. An aquarium bed

8. An indoor slide

9. A sunken spiral wine cellar

10. A backyard office pod

11. A gently sloped walk-in pool

12. Rain pipes that play music when it rains

13. A stained glass window

14. An indoor tree house playroom

15. A catwalk that lets your indoor cat walk around outside

16. A mobile ping pong table

17. A hammock over the stairs

18. A dining room table that turns into a pool table

19. Once intended for an elevator shaft, this bathroom calls out its history using glass floors.