Thursday, January 29, 2015

పాత సూట్ కేసు లతో షెల్ఫ్ లు తయారు చేయొచ్చు ఇలా

Vintage suitcase shelves are an adorable way to add vintage flair to your home.

Top them with memorabilia from family trips and add your own custom travel tags to the handles.

If your suitcase has a divider inside, cut the divider out before starting the project.

Next, figure out the desired depth of your shelves. Mark that measurement on the suitcase for reference when cutting.

Cut the plastic or hard fabric parts of your suitcase. Once you've reached the metal edge, use a Sawzall to cut through it.

Remove the liner from your suitcase before installing U-brackets on the inside of the suitcase.

Read detailed instructions on installing the brackets 

Make sure the bolts on your brackets are tight.

Apply superglue to the edges of the suitcase. Shut the lid. Put a heavy object on top of the suitcase and let the glue dry.

Attach your shelves to the wall using L-brackets. Don't forget to double check that they're level!