Tuesday, April 21, 2015

బాటిల్ మూతలతో ఏమి చేయొచ్చు ?????????

1. Craft some earrings.

Find out how to here.

2. Make some neat checkers

See how it's done here.

3. Make mini picture frames.

4. Melt wax to create tiny candles.

See the how-to here.

5. Decorate a picture frame.

6. Make a tiny pincushion ring

This is great if you don't have a helper to pass you the needles. Find out how this is done here.

7. Make a unique key chain.

8. Craft a cool tabletop.

Here's how it's done.

9. Create a wind chime.

Make your own or buy this one here.

10. Make some cool magnets.

11. Craft some drink coasters.

See how to make one here.

12. Decorate a mirror's frame.

13. Make some quirky rings.

Find out how here.

14. Craft a garden decoration.

Check out how to make this here.

15. Build a cool clock.

See how to make one for yourself.

16. Make your own fishing lures.

17. Craft a beautiful necklace.

Check out how this is done here.

18. Make some wall art.

19. Create a unique wreath.

Make one on your own or buy this one here.

20. Craft a matching friendship necklaces.