Sunday, April 26, 2015

పిల్లలు తిండి తినకుండా గొడవ చేస్తూ ఉంటె ఇలా ప్రయత్నం చేయండి ????????

1. This bird's nest spaghetti and meatballs dish is so cute.

2. Make an ocean-themed "bento box" for your kid's lunch.

The "water" is made from blue jello, and the shapes are made using cookie cutters.

3. Fruit and Nutella toppings make funny emoji waffles.

4. This fresh fruit turkey looks more like a peacock to me.

5. These taco cookies are made with Golden Oreos. So cute!

6. This sandwich sushi is cute and portable. (We won't judge if you pop a few in your mouth while you make them.)

7. These tiny school book tortilla sandwiches might make the first day of classes a little more bearable.

8. This fun toast paint is made of milk.

9. This rainbow pasta looks so cool!

10. These healthy race car snacks are perfect for a car-themed birthday party.

11. Turn a burger into a panda bear for a protein-packed lunch.

12. With a few strategic cuts, hot dogs become bite-sized octopuses.

13. Add food coloring to pancake mix and make a cute, colorful breakfast.

14. This prehistoric bento box is a fun lunchtime surprise.

15. I always knew cinnamon rolls reminded me of a specific, slimy creature.

16. Turn an orange into a snail as you peel it.

17. Clothespins and ziplock bags make for adorable butterfly snack packs.

18. This birdhouse sandwich is sweet, salty, and a balanced meal.

19. Strawberries stuffed with cream cheese set atop chocolate Rice Krispie Treats make cute, fruity bird nests.

20. Use hot dog buns to hold bananas and other fruit for a healthy, delicious snack.