Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kitchen gadgets

1. Always know if your meat is fresh

2. One lid to seal them all

3. Washing food has never been easier

4. Never get stuck without eggs

5. The magnifying spoon

6. The smart kitchen scale

7. The sanitizing wand

8. An easy-to-use vacuum container

9. The pan that knows when food is ready

10. Turn bananas into even tastier snacks

11. The stick that will heat up your drinks

12. Don't know how to cook an egg?

13. Espresso on the go

14. Make the perfect toast, every time

15. The automatic bartender

16. A butter knife that uses your body heat

17. Perfectly brew tea and coffee in one minute

18. The coffee doodler

19. A coffee tap

20. Never struggle with bottle caps again