Tuesday, June 16, 2015

చిన్న బుజ్జి ఇల్లు

The outside is brightly colored and cheerful.

The house can be hitched up to a vehicle for easy transport.

The white part is thermoplastic, which is very durable, as well as UV- and heat-resistant. This helps regulate the interior temperature without extra power.
The Toybox also features a planter around its base for vegetation. It has its own irrigation system that recycles water from the sinks, so gardening is easy and cuts down on water use. Plenty of windows and a sliding glass door provide ventilation and natural light.

The interior is sleek and modern, and appears much larger than it actually is.

Inside, the modern home features space-saving elements like storage cubes that double as seating. It also has a fold-up table (under the window), whose size can be changed to accommodate one or more people.
The kitchen is compact as well, with the refrigerator and freezer tucked under the sink. The sink is eco-friendly, too, with a low-flow marine faucet to reduce water use.

Extra storage is in the walls, and the far wall here leads to the 20-square-foot bathroom.

Here, we can see the table folded up against the wall to create more space when not in use.

The bathroom itself converts into a shower, all thanks to an extendable faucet.

Simply pull out the faucet, clip it to the wall, and it becomes a shower. The water is then collected and used to irrigate the planter outside. Behind the shower wall, there's a closet that houses a 20-gallon water heater, as well as space for clothing.

Above the bathroom is the sleeping loft, which can accommodate a king-size mattress.

The three windows provide natural light and fresh air. There's also a light switch up there so the inhabitants can switch off all the lights in the home without getting out of bed.


- Places itself between your battery charger and the wall socket
- Folds to save space when not in use
- Holds your phone while it is charging; acts as a mini-shelf for your cell phone
- Phone is always easy to find and stays safe from getting damaged/lost
- Provides a support for your mobile phone and convenient storage for your charging cord
-This is best and useful return gift for everyone

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